The healing mysteries were chosen from twenty separate healings performed by the Lord in the four Gospels.  The selection criteria were:  events that were found in multiple Gospel accounts and from those, the displays of greatest faith among those receiving the healings.   The intention here is to provide mysteries that will draw the one praying closest to God.  In the case with these mysteries by meditating and modeling oneself from the healing itself (compassion, love) and the hope and response of the recipient (faith).  They are examples of what the unlimited God does for those with faith.

The Healing of a Centurion’s Servant (Mt 8:5, Lk 7:1)

Here we find JESUS entering Capernaum when He is approached by a centurion (a Roman military officer, a gentile).  Interestingly, the man only tells the Lord of his suffering servant; he does not explicitly beseech Him to heal him.  The Lord offers to visit the centurion's home and heal his servant but the man stops Him!  This is a man who addresses JESUS as Lord and has hope in Him enough to seek out the Lord for the healing of his servant, yet he tells the Lord not to visit his home.  This is also a great sign of humility for the man knew he was not worthy of the Lord's presence in his home.  In the account according to St. Luke the centurion sends friends to meet the Lord saying he was not worthy even to go to the Lord himself.  "When JESUS heard this He was amazed".  This requires some attention.  What must it take to amaze Almighty God?  Obviously this can't be taken as the same amazement as a normal person would experience but, nonetheless, this is strong evidence of the presence of the Holy Spirit within the centurion.  It is only by the Holy Spirit and the grace of God that one could show the hope, humility, faith and be able to amaze the Lord as this man did.  As a reward for his faith (a faith unmatched by anyone in Israel) JESUS heals the man's servant. 

The Healing of a Paralytic (Mt 9:1, Mk 2:1, Lk 5:17)

A paralytic man is brought to JESUS by friends to be healedIn all three Gospel accounts when the Lord sees the man placed before Him and the faith of the friends He tells the man his sins are forgiven.  In two of the accounts the friends are not able to get to JESUS and must open the roof and lower their friend down.  Does our faith inspire us act with the same sense of urgency and determination?  After the Lord forgives the man of his sins the scribes and Pharisees grumbled about what authority He had to forgive sins.  JESUS replies to them saying "Which is easier, to say 'your sins are forgiven' or 'rise and walk'?"  He then explains that He chose the former to make known to them that He had the power to forgive sins on earth.  With this aspect of the mystery it might have been a candidate for a Luminous Mystery in that this is a great illumination to the people of the role and the authority of the Son of Man. 

The Healing of a Woman with a Hemorrhage (Mt 9:20, Mk 5:25, Lk 8:43)

A woman afflicted with hemorrhages for twelve years hears of JESUS and is driven by faith to seek Him out for her healing.  Her faith is so great that she believes she only needs to touch His cloak to be healed.  She makes her way through the crowd and gets close enough to touch JESUS' cloak and is immediately healed.  The Lord turns to see who has touched Him and eventually finds the woman who is now frightened that she may have offended the Lord.  He proclaims to her that her faith has saved her.

The Healing of a Canaanite Woman's Daughter (Mt 15:22, Mk 7:25)

A Canaanite woman whose daughter was plagued by a demon sought out JESUS.  Being a Gentile the Lord seems to deny her at first.  When she replies with great humility that "even the dogs eat the scraps that fall from the table of their masters" JESUS replies "O woman, great is your faith!  Let it be done to you as you wish."  Here again we see the importance of faith in the Lord.

The Healing of the Blind Man (Mt 20:29, Mk 10:43, Lk 18:35)

On the way along the road leaving Jericho JESUS is called by a blind man.  He cries out to JESUS but the crowd rebukes him and tells him to be silent.  He persists and continues to call the Lord until JESUS calls him to meet Him.  JESUS asks the man what he wants of Him and the man replies he wants to see.  The Lord answers "Have sight.  Your faith has saved you."  We notice again the Lord saying "your faith has saved you".  The man's incessant pleading  also calls to mind Luke 11:8, "I tell you, if he does not get up to give him the loaves because of their friendship, he will get up to give him whatever he needs because of his persistence."

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