Live the sacraments. 

In Baptism we reject Satan and all evil.  We die with CHRIST so that we may live in Him and be resurrected with Him.  Live each day as one marked indelibly as CHRIST's own.  Reject evil and the wiles of the devil at every turn. 

In Holy Communion we receive our Blessed Lord completely; Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity.  The faith that flows through Him flows through us.  The hope that flows through Him flows through us.  The charity that flows through Him flows through us.  When we receive Him, let us go forth and live out these virtues in deed and word. 

In the sacrament of Confirmation we receive the Holy Spirit in full, paralleling the decent of the Holy Spirit on the disciples at Pentecost.  With the reception of this sacrament we are made full members of the Church.  We also receive the charge to be disciples of JESUS and to live out His commands.  We must strive to imitate the Apostles as we read in the Acts of the Apostles once the Paraclete had descended upon them.

In the sacrament of Confession we are reconciled to God by the forgiveness of our sins.  We need only approach with true contrition and sorrow for our sins and a firm resolve to amend our lives and JESUS most merciful pours forth His blood upon us to cleanse us.  How great, loving and merciful is our God!  We must also strive to imitate our Savior in love and mercy.  Deny mercy to no one so that you will not be denied.

In the sacrament of Matrimony we are called to give of ourselves to each other and to participate with God in creation; to be fruitful and multiply.  Man and woman are given to each other and are each others helper.  It is this indisoluble union from which the family grows.  The institution of the family gives order to the otherwise chaotic world.  Those called to the sacrament of marriage must live faithfully and devoted to God and each other.

In the sacrament of Holy Orders those called are joined in a very special way to God and His Church.  Religious are challenged to live the vision of heaven on earth.

In the Annointing of the Sick we receive the Holy Spirit in a special way.  We are united to CHRIST and His suffering and given the grace and peace to prepare for the suffering ahead and the final journey.

God love you.


Strive to imitate CHRIST.  Not only in large matters but in small ones also.  Not only when others can see but when no one can see.  Not only with a portion of yourself but with your whole self. 

Roses for Our Lady
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